Customer Policy

To pay for services, products and boutique items, we accept cash, check with ID and the major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.

For gratuity, we ask that you prepare ahead in order to tip for all your services in cash. A standard tip is 18% to 25%, just as in restaurant service. When single or a pair of appointments extends more than three hours, or a party of three or more schedules, a mandatory gratuity of 22% will be automatically applied to your check(s). Individual therapists may accept Venmo.

We accept returns of personal care products when there is an allergic reaction within two weeks' time. After two weeks, there is no return. All boutique items are final sale, but we will allow exchange of non-sale items made within one week, in which case we give a store credit which must be used for other boutique items.

When you are late for an appointment, we will do our best to fulfill as much lost time of your service as we can, provided there are no schedule conflicts with subsequent appointments on our schedule - but this is by no means a guarantee. You remain responsible for the full cost of the service you scheduled even if service time has to be cut.

Cancelation without penalty is accepted twenty-four hours before appointments on Monday through Thursday; the fee for late cancelation is 50%. Cancelation without penalty is accepted forty-eight hours before appointments on Friday through Sunday; the fee for late cancelation is 75%.

Unfortunately, we do not offer discount parking with any lot or garage in the area – many fill on a moment's notice and so are not reliable as a planned option. There are many options however, in addition to street parking (read the signage carefully!). The most reasonable parking is at the Holiday Inn Express, entering from Walnut Street just past 13th. There, you are one and a half blocks from the spa.

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