You are built to heal from within.

You are designed to flourish, to vividly experience life in all its possibilities.

Our Story

Our core values rest in the belief that as physical and spiritual beings we are designed and equipped to heal ourselves. The possibilities are infinite. Since 2002, eviama has stood at the frontier of wellness, nurturing and harmonizing the magic within. This is second nature to us. We weave energy work, plant allies, crystals, color, sound, ancient tools and traditions that perfectly complement our grounded, diverse musculoskeletal work and organic, life-rhythm-supportive facial care. This is where we thrive – operating sustainably in a tranquil, green environment, drawing from heaven and earth, spirit and science, guided by compassion, intuition and curiosity. Our conscious intention is to provide a transformational experience. We are eviama.

eviama life is the region’s premier green spa, celebrating nearly two decades of walking the eco-friendly talk.


Thank you, thank you for intelligent healing and generosity. “You and eviama are an absolute treasure.”

By A.C. Narberth PA

Notes on my Maya Abdominal® experience at eviama life

I met Penny in 2015 from a recommendation of a close friend who suggested she could help me with reproductive health. It was a recommendation I would forever be grateful for and a connection for life. I am a massage therapist; I knew what I was looking for and I appreciate the touch of a genuine healer, a term I do not throw around lightly. This is Penny. She is a healer. And one might add, a knower and seer could be part of her repertoire. Upon our first time meeting I explained to Penny that I was having trouble conceiving, and had been seen by fertility specialists for the past year. She sat and talked with me, looked me in the eye, and listened to what I had to say. We discussed where I was at, and what I was hoping for in the near future.

As she invited me into her treatment room, a wave of calm flushed over my body. Then Penny began, it was beautiful; she spoke to both me and my uterus. It was the most interesting conversation I had had in a long time and I was thankful she drew my attention to something I simply did not recognize. My oversight? - the power of my uterus, oh the wonders she holds!! Penny closed her eyes and I heard a few small words uttered from her lips, when she paused and turned to me and said “C—, are you okay with twins? Because you might be having twins.”

I told Penny that I had mentioned to my husband years ago that it would be us who would end up having twins, but after having all the issues I had, I couldn’t imagine even getting pregnant at this point. While Penny worked on my uterus through the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, she explained that my uterus was leaning, not in her ideal position. Maybe it was lack of positive reinforcement, both spiritually and physically! Funny about this… I mentioned before that I had been seeing fertility doctors. I was faithfully going three times a week for inter-vaginal ultrasound, which allows one to become intimately familiar with the look of her own uterus on screen. That being said, after this visit with Penny I noticed a complete change in the placement of my uterus. But I digress, back to the Arvigo® massage. She worked and worked to move my uterus into a position that would be prime for conceiving and carrying a baby. And by the end of the massage, I felt positive and empowered and well-kneaded around a bit.

I found out I was pregnant with twins in March of 2016. I saw Penny after my first trimester a few times sporadically and then toward the end of my third trimester I would go from every 2 weeks to every 10 days to every 7 days to every 4 days. We mixed the prenatal massage with a Reiki sampler. I wanted to do energy work to prepare my babies and me for their birth. I knew I was having a Caesarean birth (C-section) and I was scared and excited. Penny helped me to work though the emotions and prepared in a way that is very hard to put into words. During our time together Penny offered [Dr. Hauschka] Blackthorn Body Oil to put on my belly, to improve elasticity and curb itchiness. I have NO stretch marks today. I know some of it is hereditary but I am a firm believer that of the work I did with Penny, I had a fabulous and long pregnancy. I carried my girls until the designated due date for the C-section which was 38 weeks and 4 days. I had a fabulous birth and fabulous recovery. I made good use of eviama’s special essential oil blends - one was called “Calm + Secure” - perfect for me at this juncture. I have visited Penny since my girls were born, and although it may not be as much as I should be doing for myself, it is the most magical connection each and every time.

eviama is a beautiful and enchanting spa, overlooking the city tucked away, remote and quiet. Everyone that works there is a pleasure to talk with, and I always feel at home when I am there.

By C.B. Philadelphia PA