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From the very lively street full of shops and restaurants, you spy the alcove with the keypad entry. Under black and white striped awnings, it's hard to believe you're on your way to a green holistic spa. But the moment you enter 109 S. 13th Street, you sense the beauty in the parquet floor and framed architectural ornaments. Stepping off the elevator, making an about face, you see a five foot Quan Yin carved from a tree base and root. Then you are led to an amazing outdoor atrium with plantings that are a work in progress, and eviama's door, ensonced in this artfully designed building with catwalks and indoor-outdoor surprises.

The long hallway that carries you from entry to meditation room is graced with dense old timbers forming gates designed to slow and shape the flow of energy throughout the spa. The feel is decidedly urban loft meets Asian influenced sanctuary. Then reception, the tastefully arranged boutique and treatment rooms await you.

the olive tree and the branch of peace

Fragrant, enticing, full of texture and color, welcoming – our front desk and boutique are your best destination for finding the services and gifts which will make a difference in your world.


Evergreen olive trees may live and produce for 1,000 years. Time and wisdom might be what make the olive branch a potent symbol of peace. We all need to make peace - with ourselves, unsettling events, choices we make, with other people whom we see as different. It's easier to make peace when we are nourished, healthy and grounded – and these special trees bless us with food, anti-oxidant extracts, nutritive, delicious oil and yes, a steadfastness that suggests peace. Dr. Edward Bach engaged olive tree flowers for his flower essence remedy to dispel deep weariness and mental fatigue and to restore inner strength.

Queen of Flowers, Supreme Balancer

Rose is a cozy cabin with natural light that streams indirectly from the atrium windows through the skylight overhead. The Ashiatsu Bars allow certified therapists to balance gracefully as they use their feet to work out deeply held tension. Additionally the room accommodates many more types of massage and wraps. Each room has unique art work that changes at intervals throughout the year.

Rose exemplifies ultimate beauty and three-fold balance. She commands respect, maintains her own defense, sweetens the air, gifts us with her rosehips, rosewax and most precious essential oil.


Braiding the Hair of the Earth Mother

Sweetgrass cabin features warm exposed brick walls and light from high windows in the building's lightwell. Great timbers rescued from a church conversion in Manayunk grace the space while supporting another pair of Ashi Bars.

Braided and gathered with reverence, sweetgrass releases an unmistakably comforting scent as it is burned in ceremony to honor our connection to Spirit.

Green Goddess Energy

Artemisia cabin takes in natural light which plays on walls painted a beautifully soothing tone of buttery cream. Designed to accommodate Couples Massage, mother-daughter facials, Dr.Hauschka Classic Treatment facials, Spiritual Healing, Maya Abdominal Massage and nearly the entire Eviama menu of services.

All plants in this family are named for Artemis, Matron Saint of Herbalists and Faeries, Goddess of the Moon, Childbirth and War! Living wild in the woodlands, Artemis assists in birth, protects all wildlife, tends to wounded animals and injured warriors who come away from the battlefield to heal. She is connected to Bear, the animal of rebirth, and Deer, who is identified with Moon and female cycles.

Her quiver holds the Arrow of Truth and the true visions of wise old women. This Artemisia family of innumerable useful plants covers the Americas and reaches from Britain to Mongolia. Artemisia vulgaris grows to mend disturbed soil and anchor soil in streambeds. Artemisia martima thrives in salty marshes.

Artemisia herbs are used to protect home and hearth, to smudge in preparation for ceremony, and to move energy in traditional Chinese medicine (moxa). Artemis green spirit offers protection, playfulness, resourcefulness, wisdom, clarity in sacrifice, support for the child and the feminine, and health for the maiden-mother-crone.

Tsuga Canadensis Sauna
Canadian (or Eastern) Hemlock

Tsuga is the name of our new petite far-infrared sauna, tucked neatly by the entrance to our restroom with shower. Far infrared produces radiant energy, like the heat of the sun, but without harmful ultraviolet rays. It is very efficient, not heating the air around you, but heating you - to a depth of about one to one and a half inches below the skin. Safe! This is the same type of heat used for newborns in incubators.

Our sauna is made of a beautiful light colored wood which evokes a feeling of light and warmth. This elegant conifer tree grows in a pyramidal silhouette up to eighty feet tall, and may stretch its graceful boughs to forty feet across. In spring it displays delicate yellow flowers, and produces abundant brown seeds that the birds go wild for; seeds that remain will drop in autumn. We are grateful to the trees who sacrificed to make this lovely little box to enhance our health and comfort.

The faeries are said to dip their arrows in the dew of the hemlock. But don’t look for them under a hemlock tree – they are supposed to gather most commonly in a grove of ash, oak and hawthorn.

Water Lily Shower

The tiles in our shower are Italian porcelain rendered to mimic fine wood grain, and they complement our timber gates and wood accents in a striking way. Our shower features a chlorine filtered rain head and chlorine filtered hand held spray too. And more timber!

Rendered in artwork of ancient Egypt and impressionist painter Claude Monet, water lilies behoove us to be grateful for the essential gift of water. Water is what makes up most of our physical bodies. It cleanses, renews, and remembers. Native Americans used water lily roots as a digestive aid and as a poultice for soothing and healing the skin. Floating in serene beauty, water lilies provide shady shelter for fish and invertebrates while gesturing heavenward with fragrant flowers.

The Mighty Oak

Oak cabin will please those who like less light while being grounded by the dark earthy red granite counter found there. In this treatment room 'tweens and teens may enjoy a Little Face Facial (with a parent present), or any of the transformative body wraps, facial or massage sessions.

Oak represents stability, power with kindness, symmetry, majesty with expansive generosity. This noble tree gives us food, shade, shelter and converts a great deal of carbon dioxide to oxygen! Oak encompasses yin and yang with male and female flowers. Dr. Edward Bach chose oak as his flower essence to support those dutiful souls who work way beyond their limits by bringing balance to duty and a sense of joy to mastering life despite the challenges!

Helichrysum, or Immortelle
Natural Radiance and Reset

A facial and bodywork cabin with exposed brick, more buttery tones, a large skylight and fine art. Here you can find yourself enveloped in an herbal infused wrap to cleanse away what no longer serves you, metabolically and energetically.

This unique herb found in the dry highlands of the Mediterranean has been lauded by world-renowned herbalist David Crow as a great remedy for skin renewal and as an aid to lessening the load of some very personal spiritual baggage! Sounds good, right? We like the name.


Mahonia cabin was made for waxing! Another skylight conveys the indirect light from our wall of windows facing Chestnut Street. If they only knew what was happening behind those walls....

An evergreen that keeps her vibrant green leaves while meditating though winter, whose creamy, golden, fragrant flowers draw the first bees of spring, whose cascades of fruit satisfy the mockingbird. Herbal lore credits Mahonia (Oregon Grape) root with purifying the blood, cleansing the liver, and balancing skin and female hormones.

Eviama Eviama


Ahhh, the room for meditation and celebration. Wall to wall and floor to ceiling windows! Chimes to rival a zen temple...A gorgeous stone carving and mineral specimens sometimes referred to as crystals....Plush pillow lined window seat and a cool linen upholstered couch... Join the sitting meditation Wednesday evenings or plan an intimate bridal spa party. It's meant to be.

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